Your iPhone Has an Underrated Calling Feature

Your iPhone has an underrated dialing feature that you don’t use

If you are unsure why you would like to lock an iPhone, do not worry. Neither was I. ‘Isn’t phone calls just something people do with a home phone in the 80s coming movies of the year? ’I thought, maybe unknowingly. ‘What kind of thing only call centers do today?

As it turns out, no, and catching someone on an iPhone still has many uses. Admittedly, some of these have been taken by the mute button, such as stopping the caller to hear your end of the line. But if you need to make a phone call to a friend while you are talking to each other, scheduling, for example, simply holding one while waiting for another call (or even adding them to the phone) is very important.

Anyone who runs their business naturally will still appreciate the call-ups again, using the function to deal with multiple customers or clients with their iPhones.

But how do you do it? Before I read it, I used to stop someone when I was given the opportunity to do so – this happens when you get a call already on your own – but I didn’t know how to just attach someone to the back stove whenever I felt like it. As it happens, it’s incredibly easy, so here’s how to stop someone on an iPhone.

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How to unlock an iPhone 

1. Open your Phone app and find a contact or dial a number.

2. While on the phone, press the mute key to pause the caller.

3. Your call is currently being held, which is defined as “HOLD” under another person’s name or number. To add another person to the call, press the call key and select a contact or dial the number to add to the call. To start a different call from the first one waiting, press contacts and select a contact or dial a number.

4. When you start a separate call, the second one will appear below the first one in the top bar. Tap the toggle button to switch between calls.

Now you know how to catch someone on an iPhone. It’s a feature that has been around for a long time, but despite using iPhones for over a decade, I didn’t know about it! Now that you have the power to make a call in the palm of your hand, remember us wisely. Going on a powerful journey and stopping everyone just because it ends with conflicts. I hope so.

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