Who is most at risk of black fungus?

 Who is most at risk of black fungus?

The cases of Mucormycosis i.e. Black Fungus are increasing. Some people recover from Corona Infection and are falling prey to Black Fungus. Black fungus is an infectious disease. This disease is characterized by the hype that increases in and around the blood vessels. It can be fatal for severely immunized individuals, suffering from serious diseases. Treatment can be avoided in the initial stage.

What is mucormycosis

It is a fungal infection that spreads quickly in people with weakened immunity. The fungus spreads due to fungi, their bacteria are naturally present in the environment. Which get deposited in the veins of the eye. The central retinal stops the blood flow of the artery which is at risk of the patient’s eyesight. Recently outbreaks of this disease have been seen in patients who have suffered from Corona. This is one such Fungus Infection that coronavirus triggers. Experts of the Covid-19 task force say that Black Fungus Disease spreads easily in those who are already struggling with some disease. And whose Immune System is weak.

Symptoms of fungal infection – symptoms black Fungus Infection –

1. Swollen on one side of the face.

2. Headache and fever.

3. Sinus Conjunction.

4. Difficulty in the upper part of the mouth.

5. Having a fever.

6. Cough or breathlessness.

7. Let the eyes light up.

8. Toothache.

9. Pain on one side of the face.

10. Chewing pain.

11. Mucus bleeding in vomiting or coughing.

Causes of Black Fungus – causes of Black Fungus –

– Uncontrolled diabetes.

– Immunosuppression due to taking steroids.

– Stay in ICU longer due to more corona infection.

– Weak immune system.

How does black fungus spread?

This is a disease that enters the body through molds through the cut in the breath and skin. Or the virus enters the body through the nose. Mostly these infections begin with the lungs and skin.

When do symptoms appear?

Symptoms of Black Fungus appear 2-3 days after recovery from the coronavirus. This infection first appears in the sinus. After that, it reaches the eye. In the next 24 hours, this fungus can dominate the mind.

Black Fungus Treatment

According to the doctor, Antifungal Therapy should be started immediately after the eye, cheek swelling, and nasal blockage or black dry papdi.


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