Which Diseases Covered Under Health Insurance Policy

Covered Diseases under the Health Insurance Policy

A working man from Delhi had recently purchased a personal health policy. Within a few months, he underwent dental treatment and decided to apply for his policy. When he contacted his insurance company, he realized that the medical condition he had applied for was on a list of diseases covered by health insurance.

While health insurance provides complete coverage for expenses that exceed hospital hospitalization; Mediclaim policies, on the other hand, provide for costs associated with hospitalization for a limited period. Apart from these differences, health policies are very beneficial to the previously defined amount. However, when purchasing such a policy, it is important for the policy owner to read the policy details carefully so that he or she is aware of diseases covered by health insurance and non-covered diseases.

List of Covered Diseases under Health Insurance

The list of diseases covered under health insurance depends on the type of plan chosen by the individual. However, health insurance policies generally cover the following medical conditions:

Risk-related costs

Access to treatment for injuries caused by accidents is provided by health policies. Accidents are medical emergencies that require immediate hospitalization. Therefore, personal expenses incurred during hospitalization are covered by health insurance policies, subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. In addition, insured health insurance is a feature of those policies where an insured person can get treatment at any of the insurance network hospitals and opt for a cash-strapped area.


The Coronavirus War still works for everyone! However, with vaccination and health insurance, you can stay safe. Happily! Our family-based health insurance policies also cover coronavirus treatment. You can improve policy coverage with the additions of COVID Care and Care Shield. These supplements include hospitalization, medication, isolation costs at home, disposable items such as gloves, masks, etc. With the availability of a comprehensive policy, you can keep yourself and your family free from harmful viruses.


There is no doubt that medical advances are bringing new hope to many. Timely cancer patients are recovering from this deadly disease. However, the cost of treatment is very high, but the good thing is that the health insurance policy also includes the cost of cancer treatment. Whether in hospital, treatment, chemo, or radiotherapy, policymakers receive complete coverage for timely treatment for various stages of cancer.

Diabetes, high blood pressure, and high BMI

Diabetes, high BP, and high BMI are diseases that require long-term treatment, which creates a financial burden for many. Therefore, our health insurance acts as a financial cover. It covers the medical costs associated with these diseases and their specific problems. People with diabetes, or high bp or high BMI like existing diseases can get coverage after completing a 24-month waiting period.


Health insurance brings great relief to people suffering from life-threatening illnesses such as HIV / AIDS. They can also find a policy that covers their medical and hospital expenses. From kindergarten treatment, hospitalization at the expense of an ambulance, AYUSH treatment policy owners will receive a comprehensive placement that will help them access the best medical facilities and live a healthier life.

Critical Diseases

Because of overwork, stress at work, poor eating habits, alcohol, etc., lifestyle-related diseases are detrimental to health. Left untreated, it can be dangerous. However, as the price of medical care rises, it is not easy to get treatment until you have health insurance. Our critical illness insurance covers 32 types of critical illnesses. You can get it at a low premium with high coverage.

Heart disease

Your heart is the most important organ in your body, which is why you should always check how it beats. We have cardiovascular health insurance that covers a variety of heart problems and existing diseases. You will receive annual heart health check-ups, AYUSH coverage, and more under this policy.

Certain Diseases

Generally, every health policy has a waiting period of 30 days from the date of issue of the policy. However, other diseases such as Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Gout, Spinal Disorder, Joint Replacement, Ligament Repair, Cataract, Hernia, etc., have a waiting period of up to 4 months. -24. This is covered under the policy, but policymakers may file a claim after the waiting period has expired.

Excludes – List of Diseases Not Covered Under Health Insurance

Medical conditions/treatments/procedures not covered by health insurance schemes are subject to policy considerations. The list of uninsured diseases under health insurance is:

Any diagnosis/surgery/occurrence of an event, its symptoms, or signs that begin to occur within 30 days of the First Date of the Policy.

Cost of self-harm (caused by suicide, suicide attempt).

Expenses arising from or resulting from alcohol or drug use/abuse/abuse

Treatment from or following pregnancy and childbirth, abortion, abortion, and its effects

Birth defect

Diagnosis and treatment related to infertility and in vitro pregnancy

War, violence, strikes, nuclear weapons have led to hospitalization

The list of diseases covered under health insurance varies depending on the policy and its availability. Therefore, it is wise to read carefully the terms and conditions of the policy so that you know what diseases are covered and not covered under health insurance. It will help you find the best health care facilities and trouble-free accommodation.


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