What Qualities Do We Need To Live A Happy Life,

What Is Needed To Live Life?

These 5 important things are just what everyone needs to be able to live a happy, stable, healthy, and productive life, without abuse or waste. Schools can use these 5 subjects to teach mathematics, science, chemistry, biology, physics, engineering, agriculture, and social sciences. Human needs are an important infrastructure.

Water – Food – Accommodation – Energy – Education –

Basic Human Needs – Essential Resources

Making a living is the key to survival by having the minimum amount of resources needed to stay active. An act of self-preservation or self-reliance. Welfare is the provision of a low level of welfare and social support to all citizens, sometimes called social assistance.

Water – Food – Accommodation – Living Environment – Social Planning – Physical Health – Mental Health – Clothing – Clothing – Provision – Information – Work – Relaxation.

Protection is the job of protecting someone or something from dangers or threats. Status of protection. Authorization and kindness kindly. Protecting yourself from financial failure. A cover that aims to protect against injury or damage.

Care – Adaptability – Independence – Safety – Health Programs – Co-operation – Planning – Assistance – Social Security – Accommodation – Loving Parents – Human Rights – Human Rights.

The opportunity has a positive combination of circumstances and having some form of support system that makes it possible for a person to have the opportunity to do something worthwhile and to do something valuable or important. Opportunity is an opportunity to see your strengths and explore the possibilities. American Dream – Quality of Life – Social Movement.

Freedom from oppression and coercion, and freedom from the shameless exercise of authority, as well as the absence of conditions that impede a person and the fulfillment of conditions that make it easier.

Independence – Enthusiasm – Self-confidence – Open mind – Equal rights – Denial – Choice – Risks of initiation – Enhance – Awareness – Peace – Ease – Cooperation – Cooperation.

Participating in the act of participating in group activities. Sharing status as others.

Adoption – Commitment – A sense of humor – Responsibilities – Jobs – Employment – Co-operative Rights – Denial – Expressions – Organizations – Parties – Churches – Neighbors.

Creation is a human act of doing and doing something or starting something for the first time and introducing something new.

Thinking – Courage – Composing – Curiosity – Strength – Skills – Work – Strategies – Composing

Discernment is the ability to think logically, to be inclined to be prejudiced. Understanding is based on understanding and understanding and empathy.

Critical Skills – Curiosity – Intuition Literature – Teachers – Policies – Academic Review – Read – Meditate – Investigate – Schools – Families – Universities – Communities.

Love is a beautiful feeling of love.

Respect – Giving – Indulgence in Love – Love – Friendship – Family – Relationships – Nature – Sharing – Commitment – Expressions – Emotions – Privacy – Spaces of Unity.

Leisure time is a source of relaxation and relaxation and the freedom to choose a sport or a hobby.

Thinking – Peace – Make-Up – Games – Parties – Peace of Mind – Day-Dream – Remember – Relax – Have Fun – Landscapes – Intimate Spaces – Single Places.

Identity is the characteristics of the individual being the object or person is known or known for. A distinctive personal personality that is considered an ongoing business.

Feelings of Self-Personality – Self-confidence – Consistency – Language – Religions – Work – Culture – Values ​​- Values ​​- Know yourself – Grow up – Commit yourself – Where a person is – Daily settings – Diversity.

Basic Human Needs – Population

Maslow Management Category – Personal safety, financial security, health and well-being, risk/illness safety net and its negative effects, Friendship, Intimacy, belonging, love, family, body, confidence, self-reliance, and independence.

The need is something we need to live, things like clean air, water, food, and shelter. There are many other things that people need in order to live peaceably, such things as security, freedom, respect, and love. When human needs are not met, then people will suffer, and when basic needs are not met, then people can die.

Employment and the right to work, food, clothing, and leisure with sufficient income to support them. Farmers’ rights to fair wages. Freedom from unfair competition and in the hands of domination alone. Housing. Medical care. Social Security. Education.


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