What kind of humans does black fungus Affect and what organs does it harm?

What kind of humans does black fungus affect and what organs does it harm?

When the epidemic of Corona came in 2020, there was a lockdown in the whole country, as of today, when there are millions of cases of this disease, then there is no lockdown. And even if there is a partial lockdown.
This second wave of 2021 killed many people in the country. In fact, due to this epidemic, there has been a shortage of all kinds of resources in our country.
But in the midst of this epidemic, this black fungus came, which started taking many people in its grip. Today, in many states of the country, this disease has started spreading legs, and many people are falling prey to it. In Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, more cases are being seen.
Black fungus is a type of fungal infection, due to which the consumption of steroids in high amounts has been reported to increase.
Recently, after seeing interviews of many doctors, it has been found that these infections are happening more in those people who have been on oxygen support for a long time or those people who have consumed more steroids. Due to this disease, people are seeing symptoms like blurred vision, loss of eyesight, vomiting, fever, headache.
Many parts of the body are also being damaged due to this disease, such as the loss of eyesight of people. The inner part of the nose is also being damaged due to this fungal infection.
Doctors say that if a man gets proper treatment at a 50 percent stage, then he can be treated. And if it reaches the brain, it can damage the brain,
which can also result in human death.
Which people are more threatened:
1. Doctors say that patients who are suffering from other serious diseases before becoming infected with corona may be more at risk because they dominate such patients very fast.
2. People who are suffering from diabetes, or are also suffering from kidney disease, they may also be at risk.
3. Those people who have very poor immunity, this infection makes them very fast.
Therefore, it is necessary that we pay attention to the cleanliness around us and live by applying masks.
Always take the opinion of expert doctors on the appearance of any type of symptoms, it is absolutely not advisable to consult other non-specialist doctors or relatives.


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