What Is The Reason My Article Was Rejected

Why Was My Article Rejected

Article marketing has become a major factor in Internet marketing today. Many marketers use articles as their primary, and unique, way of generating traffic and optimizing search engines. However, some marketers complain that article marketing does not seem to work for them, especially since the distribution of their articles is often rejected.

I own and retain three references to articles. One standard and two are niche indicators. Every day I receive hundreds of articles and every day I refuse to do so. At first, I carefully covered the reason for each rejection but now the post is too high. All I can do is keep my head above water. To be honest, I find it very important to try to translate the articles as timely as possible so I’m concerned about speed now (and I still have weeks left in my regular notes).

However, I can share these tips in an open book for article marketers who do not understand why their articles are rejected by my indexes – and perhaps other indexing topics.

The main reasons my articles were rejected include:-

Reason #1: Active links in the body of the article. The only place I want to see the active link is the author’s resource box. This is at the right level with many references to articles.

Reason#2: An article does not belong in this directory. Usually, this is the case with a large percentage of rejection of my niche directory. If the guide is about Internet promotion do not submit your articles about breast enhancement!

Reason# 3: This document has not been submitted in the appropriate category. If I am in good shape or really interested in the article then I can re-edit it. If I see an author who regularly brings quality content I can edit it. If it is in the right category I can move it to a more specific category. However, if it is posted without any thought or effort then I will just reject it. If an author can’t bother to choose the right category, why should I give myself time?

Reason# 4: Less English. If there is any typing or grammar wrong in the title or summary then I am not impressed and maybe refusing to post.

Reason #5: Topic spam. If I find several articles about the same topic and the same author with the same topics and summaries then I will suspect that you are a spam article. Instead of filtering out what documents I can offer unique high-quality content I just throw it all away.

Reason# 6: Invisible topics. If I don’t think your article about New Jersey divorce lawyers will add anything to my list that I might choose to reject. Similarly, if I can say that your article is about the title, summary, or first paragraphs then I will not read further.

Reason #7: Explicit advertising. These are newsletters so I don’t want to be published in the media or direct ads. The documentation should include details about what other than the business you are trying to promote.

The simple fact is that these are my references so I use my own editing decision about appropriate content. I use feeds and articles from my references on my website and blogs, and my main point is that the article should provide interesting and/or interesting information to its target audience. If it is not an article I want to see on my site then I choose to reject it.


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