What Is The Pain Of Independent Employees

The Internet Support Platform Eliminates the Pain of Independent Employees

According to a 2020 study, among Covid-19 cases an estimated 59 million Americans were self-employed last year, accounting for 36% of the country’s total workforce. The number of independent workers in the US continues to grow and is expected to exceed 90.1 million by 2028, contributing $ 1.2 trillion to the US economy. juggling multiple clients in multiple time zones on dozens of media platforms. And it comes with the pain of working as a business owner. According to a recent 2021 survey of more than 200 freelancers by Indy – an all-inclusive platform for independent business owners, about a quarter of respondents spend 10 or more hours a month performing key tasks unrelated to their actual business and/or paid projects. These administrative tasks involving invoicing, billing, contract settlement, costs, and workflow planning often disrupt the ongoing management and growth potential needed to thrive in today’s competitive, low-cost market. Indy research also revealed that 30% of respondents use at least five tools and 44% spend more than $ 50 per month, including a subset of that group that pays $ 300 or more, for tools used to manage and manage their business per month. and the moon.

In determining the services used to increase productivity and grow their businesses, these self-employed people, shopkeepers, and small business owners point out the use, cost, and availability of all devices were the top three ways to select and use essential equipment and production tools needed for their daily operations and business continuity. simple and easy production easily pain points important for independent workers. Indy has invested in the success of today’s freelancers and the ultimate goal is to help solopreneurs and freelancers set up a business to run their business. “Ultimately, we believe in encouraging a competitive society and empowering modern ‘indies’ – independent professionals, laborers, and small business owners, to achieve the stability, control, and growth needed to succeed, gain a stable income and grow” when processing production tools. Indy production tools mark all freelancers’ boxes, from cost to convenience. Invoice generator templates help make payment and processing payment easier and faster. helps indies plan events and activities, track time and more, while linking project hours and invoices with accuracy and efficiency.


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