What Is The Most Interesting Fact you Know?

Interesting Facts,

 When It was asked by telephone-grader Alexander Graham Bell about whether he had spoken to his wife on the phone, how he felt about talking with his wife over the phone. To this, Bel said “No my wife cannot hear” Yes, both Bell’s mother and wife could not speak and hear.

Hollywood’s legendary director Christoper Nolan, who made films like Prestige, Batman Begins, Inception, Dunkirk, is color blind. You read it right: Nolan does not see the difference between red and green, which is called red-green color blindness.

Madame Curie was the first woman scientist to receive the Nobel Prize. He has also been awarded the Nobel Prize twice. Many people will also know, does it know that the Curie family is called Noble Family Legacy, Her family included her husband Pierre Curie, her eldest daughter Irene Joliet Curie in the field of chemistry, 1935 in the field of chemistry, second daughter Eve Curie, who was awarded the 1965 Nobel Peace Prize in Unicef. This makes Madame Currie’s family a total of 5 Nobel Prizes.

Thomas Alva Edison was a great inventor. He invented everything but not once was he awarded the Nobel Prize in his life.

Albert Einstein was a great scientist and his IQ, which is considered to be the fastest and fastest in the world, was also lacking. Once upon a time a fellow passenger asked for his phone number, he got a diary out of his bag and the number was out of it. Having found it, the fellow traveler felt strange and asked if he could not remember his phone number, to which Einstein said “what is the benefit of remembering what is easily found”

The body of Charlie Chaplin was stolen for ransom. Yes, Chaplin’s body was dug up from his grave and a ransom of $ 600,000 million was demanded from his wife. After a rigorous police investigation, the thieves were caught in two months and the body was buried again.

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In 1948, Nobel Prize for Peace was not given to anyone but the reason was the death of Gandhiji. Gandhiji sang the Nobel Peace Prize for that year, saying “no suitable living candidate for nomination” because of his death. Surprisingly, when Gandhiji was alive, he was not given the award of peace even once.

World-renowned music composer Ludwig Beethoven, who composed many well-known musicals, gradually lost his hearing, was almost deaf at the age of 45, and only after that he compose such famous musicals as Moonlight Sonata, Far Elise.


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