What is the Foremost Bitter and Terrible Reality of Life?

What is the Most Bitter and Terrible Reality of Life,

1-These days, the more you show off, the more lies you tell, the longer your relationship will last. If you are truthful and honest, people will consider you stupid, and run away. Because the terrible reality of life

2-The one you are giving all your time today, thinking about it day and night, will leave one day and go. And you will not feel anything other than regret.

3-Every person, who tells you that you will not leave me, will you? That person will leave you.

4-People will show you love and use you in their own way, and when they find someone better than you, they will throw you out of your life like a fly with tea.

5-Nothing is permanent… your love, your money, your friends, your parents even you yourself… all will end one day. So do not make yourself happy or sad by someone coming or going.

6-No one is your own other than your parents. If you are treating your lover/girlfriend as your own and giving more importance to your parents then you are wrong, you will regret it. (Remember)

7-Your relatives, friends, and girlfriend do not want you well. They pretend to be happy just because of your success because the era of selfless love is passing. (Exceptions are everywhere)


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