What Do Women Want From Men

What Do Women Want From Men

It is no secret that men and ladies are different. It’s not news that they want different things in a relationship. They all want different things, different men with their different personalities. What do women want from men? There are as many answers as there are types of women: young, old, fat, thin, talkative, quiet, beautiful, so beautiful. One thing is clear that everyone looks for a perfect relationship. Men are notorious for their vigilance and care. The women, however, are very quarrelsome. When it comes to choosing men, they not only have a huge list of needs, but they also have the desire to make an effort to help the boy to change. But even though they try to talk about things, most men still struggle to understand exactly what women need to be happy about. 

What do women want? They just want to be happy like we are. They have a special way of showing it. When you learn their language, listen when you choose to speak, hug instead of just walk away, speak the truth to the point of pain, be a man you can trust and love as much as you love yourself. You will no longer ask what women want, they will ask you what you want and they will give it to you. Here are some real things we can safely say that women want from men. Price. Women want to know that their husband is someone else who is not wanted by other women. They want some quality “discovery” for their husband. That’s why, when we go out with a girlfriend, women give us a look and they always seem to be very interested. It’s annoying but true: the easiest way to find a girl, to have her already! Structure. a lady wants stability, balance, a way of order. You want someone you can trust. He says he’ll be home at 9:00, he’ll be home at 9:00. Are you drunk? Call. The most difficult thing for us guys is to distinguish between full support and control. Building a foundation and being stable does not mean that you are trying to solve all the problems to the point that you do not empower your loved one. Your love is not a stick but a bond. An obligation where trust is like trust. Security. Women want to feel safe from a man. 

They want to understand that everything is going to be alright. This does not mean that you have to be big and strong, or that you have millions in the bank. It simply means that you should talk to him about reassurance, look for his safety, and reassure him when he needs things. Love. Love them above all else. Take it all out. Get it all out every day, every second of every day. Be love, crawl into it and look at all the problems with the question of what love can do now? If you do this, fear will never enter your life. Informing. Women Want to Feel Loved. They just don’t want to stress an excessive amount. Guys, show interest in a woman, and make her feel good and wanted ­ but don’t enslave her and make her feel like you can’t live without her. That is just sad, and it drives women away. Do not lie.

A woman can forgive many things but she tolerates a snake to a weed liar. If he had ever told you that he had lied to you, he would not have trusted you so much. Lie to the woman that you are ruining her. Tell the reality, you reside to play another day. Catch him. Hug her in the morning, kiss her before you go to work, email her and hug her ten times when you get home. You need to make her feel loved and secure. Smiles. Women do not like boring men. Be smiling, not taking life too seriously, and willing. That shows a much more valuable value than a tough and determined guy ­ whether he looks good or rich. A woman seeks a man on purpose. They do not have to have a lot of money and a good car but they want to be guided to success. They want to live up to your potential. Therefore, in summary, women love understanding, happiness, respect and they also want to be honest. However, as time goes by, a woman wants to change because she is setting new goals for herself. Why men can’t find women is because they are progressive artists.


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