What causes human kidney failure?

What causes human kidney failure?

The kidney is a very important organ because its main reason is to remove the contaminant from the blood and it acts as a kind of filtration. When the kidney is not able to work properly, then there is a condition of kidney failure, due to which many diseases arise. But if we keep ourselves properly, then we can keep kidney disease away forever, let’s know what are the measures that protect us from kidney disease.
1.stay active and fit
2.control your blood pressure
3.monitor blood pressure
4.Monitor weight and eat a healthy diet
5.drink plenty of fluids
6.don’t smoke
7.do not drink alcohol
8.keep sugar under control
9.stay safe from covid-19
10.eat breakfast in the morning
11.Eat seasonal vegetables and fruits
12.do yoga and exercise
13.wake up early in the morning sleep early at night
14.Eat canned food or market items sparingly
15.Do not eat pizza burgers or fast food
16.don’t drink cold drinks

17.Get yourself regularly checked/screened if you are at risk for kidney disease, get your kidneys checked periodically, which is done by your health specialist with simple blood and urine tests. Regular testing is your best chance for identifying chronic kidney disease early. Early treatment is most effective and can help prevent additional health problems.

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