What Are The Things A Wise Man Does Not Do?

 What Are The Things A Wise Man Does Not Do?

A sensible man who earns 20000 never keeps a phone of 30000.

1 . A wise man does not buy a car and a home bike on a loan.

2.A sensible man will not waste time on Facebook, WhatsApp, Netflix.

3.Wise men will not argue with anyone on social media on social and political issues.

4.Wise men never depend on one means of earning.

5.Wise men invest that money by not wasting money on expensive clothes, expensive cars, expensive watches, and expensive things.

6.A wise man does not share personal things about his house with everyone.

7.Wise men are great at punctuality.

8.Wise men take care of their health.

9.Only mistakes make a man intelligent, a wise man does not make a mistake twice.


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