What Are the Interesting Facts About the Eyes?

Interesting Facts About Eyes,

What are the interesting facts about the eyes that most people do not know?

1- Every person with blue eyes in this world has the same ancestor. The first person with blue eyes lived about 10,000 years ago. This was when every human had only brown eyes.
2- An eyelid can last anywhere between 100 and 150 milliseconds. This means that a person can nap up to 5 times in a second. This means that the muscles of the eye are the fastest muscles in the human body.
3- An eye contains 107 million cells that are sensitive to light. This means that there are 214 million photosynthetic cells in two eyes.
4-The human eye has the sharpest lens known to mankind. They are faster than any known camera lens. While camera lenses take a few seconds to focus on objects at different distances, human eyes can focus almost immediately without noticeable lag.
5-On average, human eyes blink eyelids 17 times every minute. It blinks up to 14,280 and 5.2 million blinks every year.

6-Eyes blink less while reading and more when talking.
7-A human’s eyes can be dazzled. They are extremely complex and it is because of these complexities that they surprise us a lot.
8-The number of working parts present in the human eye is over 2 million.
9-Human eyes are capable of focusing 50+ things on any other.
10-Humans do not actually use their eyes to see. This is the brain. Poor vision, blurred vision, etc. are all the result of technical problems in the visual cortex of the brain.
11-The range of sight of human eyes is 200 degrees.
12-Only 1/6 of the entire eyeball is actually exposed to the outside world.
13-Human eyes are able to see the flame of a candle from a distance of 14 miles provided all environmental conditions are met.
14-Human eyes are capable of processing 36 KB of information each hour.
15-The human eye can see 1 million colors. It also has the extraordinary ability to differentiate between different shades of the same color. For example, human eyes can actually 16-distinguish between 500 different gray colors.
16-The muscles responsible for controlling the eyes are the most active muscles in the entire human body.
17-External muscles responsible for eye movements are the strongest known muscles in the entire human body. They don’t really need to be as strong. These muscles are 100 times more powerful than the actual strength to move the eyes.
18-Human newborns are unable to produce tears until they reach 4 to 13 weeks of age.
19-Human tears are made up of water, mucus, and fat. If none of these three components are present in the correct proportions, then the eyes become dry. In case the eyes become dry, the brain produces more of these components.
If proper care is provided, the corneal rash can actually be fully cured within 48 hours. This makes the human eye the fastest healing organ in the body.
80% of our memories are determined by what we see.
20-A person can be born with colors of two different colors. This eye condition is medically known as heterochromia.
21-The weight of an eyeball is 7.5 grams.
22-The human eye has a stable contrast ratio of 100: 1 and a dynamic contrast ratio of 1,000,000: 1.
23-Cataracts are very common and occur to everyone. It is similar to hair whitening with age. This means that the cataract sets in with age. In normal health conditions, a person will get a cataract at the age of 70.
24-After the mind, the eyes are the most important and complex part of our body, because our eyes are made up of 2 million different parts.
25-Your eyes remain the same size from birth to death, while your nose and ears keep growing.
26-The human eye weighs under about an ounce and is about an inch across.
27-Around 39 million people worldwide are blind.
28-80% of worldwide vision problems are avoidable or even curable.
29-80% of everything we learn is through our eyes.
30-The eyes are the second most complex organ after the brain.
31-Eyes heal quickly. With proper care, a minor corneal scratch takes only 48 hours to heal.
32-The weight of a human being is about 8 grams.

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