What Are The Harmful Household Things That Can Be Avoided?

Harmful Household Things

There are many things in our daily life that we have been using continuously, either we are not aware of their loss or are ignoring the loss. The damage that we are going to talk about in this article does not harm us in some time, but sometimes this loss increases so much that then money for medicine and treatment is reduced. Our needs are increasing every day. We are constantly using new things in the name of modernizing our home, our kitchen, and our surroundings, which contain harmful chemicals.

The list of harmful things is quite extensive, let’s look

such harmful chemicals are found in cosmetics, which badly affect the energy system of the human body. So use cosmetics that are certified. Their excessive use is responsible for stress, weakness of the eyes, skin diseases, infertility in women, etc. at some of them. Today, expensive color dye products are available in the market for coloring hair, which will darken the hair in 10 minutes, but harmful chemicals like ammonia contained in them are the cause of skin allergies and eye weakness. Use herbal products and henna to color the hair. Big companies talk about hair dyes being safe, but once you use them, you become addicted to them, then when you do not use these hair dyes then your hair starts looking bad.  The trend of using artificial sweeteners such as sugar-free pills is increasing with tea milk etc. The combination of pills such as sugar-free is such that it does not give the effect of sweetness to the diabetic patients but their frequent use is responsible for other diseases like headache, loss of sleep, joint pain and nervousness, etc.

Today, every person has become their own physician, taking medicines without medical consultation has become a common practice. As far as possible we should avoid the use of painkillers and antibiotics today, whether it is going to a party or going to a wedding, the use of perfume and deodorant has become a fashion. They also contain harmful doctrine phthalates, which can cause problems such as allergies, stomach pain, headaches..Air fresheners in the house or inside the car, which contain chlorophyll chemicals, we are not taking the fragrance but the toxic chemicals in our body – knowingly or unknowingly – through respiration.
 The use of antibacterial soap and shampoo detergent has increased in today’s affluent homes. Their manufacturer describes them as beneficial for the skin. Such products continue to be banned in many countries. Trico carbon present in them is an irritant to the eyes, dryness in the skin, and adverse effects on hormones.

 Plastic utensils, cans, and jars have been used in our food items for a long. Being inexpensive and lightweight, their use has increased. Nowadays, plastic cans and containers are coming in new and attractive designs but plastic is made by a polymer which the use of plastic items has become a household necessity, eating food on disposable plates and drinking tea in disposable cups has become commonplace because of who ate and drank, but who cares about the negative effects on health. When hot things are served in these disposable containers containing plastic, the chemicals get distorted by heat and then damage our health system. is harmful to health. The trend of plastic toys has also increased a lot these days, toys are attractive, children’s mind also gets absorbed but children play these toys in their mouth, as soon as harmful chemicals enter the child’s body. Go. Today microwave ovens and nonstick utensils have become part of the rich kitchen. Their circulation has increased due to the use of less oil. We all forget to taste the food cooked in them, that the Teflon and triglyceride chemicals present in them are responsible for serious diseases like Similarly, aluminum foil and newspaper are also used for packing food items. The chemical effect of aluminum by making heat makes food tasteless. Newspaper inks also damage food. heart disease. Today, good health has become a serious problem whether poor or money-rich are struggling with health problems. We all should be aware and use such items and products that have the least side effects on our health.


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