What Are Some Unethical Life Hacks?


1.Want to make someone nervous?

Start staring at their hairline.

2. If someone is talking a lot and doesn’t let you speak-

Just drop anything, like a pen or key, and get down to pick. It’s your turn to speak now.

3. If someone who doesn’t know how to use a computer asks you to have a look at it because it’s slow, increase the speed of the mouse cursor. They’ll notice the difference and think you did something.

4. Getting bored in a group of friends?

Save Customer care number as “Mom” and call them and say loudly “I am coming” and run away :p

5. If you ever make a mistake and someone is yelling at you,

Don’t say anything, just put your head down. He/she will stop yelling.

6. Put your hand in front of someone who is talking,

one who is very occupied, and they will give you whatever they have in their hand.

7. Tell someone you have recently lost weight if they call you fat.

They will look like a jerk.

8. Want your girlfriend to stop talking?

Just hug her and say you want to hear her heartbeat. She’ll be quiet and think you’re romantic.

9. If you are nervous to walk into a room filled with people,

just assume that everybody likes you.

10. If you’re learning something new, try to teach it to your friends.

Let them ask questions. If you’re​ able to teach it well, you understand it better.

11. Don’t say ‘I think’ & ‘I believe’ too often.

These are signs of low confidence and show that you doubt yourself.

12. If you really want something from someone,

Frame it as an offer rather than a request.

13. If you ask someone a question and they only partially answer,

Then just wait. Stay silent and maintain eye contact, they will usually continue talking.

14 Talk to yourself and you’ll feel a change in your personality.

Just say to yourself – I am awesome! or any positive thoughts. Eventually, your brain will end up believing that and you’ll feel good.

15 If you are buying something online, register on the site, then add the item to your cart, then close the page.

The next day you will most likely get an email that says you’ve forgotten something in your cart and it will include a promo code for a percent off.

16 If your boss asks you to do a shift on your day-off,

Just tell them that you are drunk. They can’t legally allow you to come to work if you’re intoxicated.

Have a friend who is regularly late.

Set their clocks forward and wait.

17. If you forgot someone’s name.

Just ask them ‘Hey, Can you spell your name once’. After the spell, their name act like you thought a different name.

18. When receiving a call from someone that you don’t want to talk to but must talk to,

Tell them at the beginning of the conversation that your phone is about to die. You are then free to hang up whenever you want without seeming rude.

19. Read online subscription news for free by deleting the cookies in your web browser.


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