What Are A Couple of Bitter Truths Of Life?

 What Are A Couple Of Bitter Truths Of Life?

1- Judgment: there’ll be folks that judge you for your own personal choices. When it’s nothing to try to do with them.

2 -Marriage: This doesn’t mean what it uses to. a number of the loneliest people are married.

3- Comfort: you’re probably sitting during a miserable comfort now. No change or goals in view, just browsing life’s motion expecting tomorrow.

4- Choice: We all have a choice. Most choices end in a life you don’t love. Or keeps you in situations that aren’t ideal.

5- Laziness: If something doesn’t fall under your lap, you won’t pursue it. Then many sit around and mention how shitty their life is.

6- Value: If you don’t respect and value yourself, you’ll surround yourself with people who treat you in an equivalent way.

7- Obsession: We obsess about things that keep us from that specialize in ourselves. Your new obsession becomes your new distraction from personal growth.

8- Relationships: If you don’t respect, love and value yourself, you’ll continually chase a partner that treats you accordingly. then blame the partner rather than looking in the mirror.

 9- Happiness is formed through a relationship with yourself, not hopping from one to a different.

10- Money: We all need it, we all want it, and if you catch on, your problems and issues will still be there.

11- Loneliness: the planet suffers from it. Take money, food, alcohol, drugs, relationships, drama, take it ALL out of your life and sit with yourself. How does it feel? Hard to imagine, right?

12- Change: Not with somebody else. What can we control? Ourself. Period. Change starts with one person at a time. Doesn’t matter who the official is. Change is painful and downright devastating sometimes. But it’s the sole thing constant.

13- You: You’re your own problem and worst abuser. Not your husband, not your wife, not your boss, not that toxic loved one, YOU. The minute you realize, you control quite you think that life changes.

14- Social Media: Has ruined society as we all know it.


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