Your iPhone Can Be Targeted With Laser Pointer - Here's How

hackers can capture voice-controlled devices such as iPhones using simple tools such as laser pointers.

Believe it or not, devices with visual aids like Siri respond to light waves in the same way they do to sound waves

researchers could trick a machine into accepting commands as if they were hearing certain words. "It's just like 'talking' over a bright light

in such a way that the microphone 'hears' but your ears can't," said Randy Pargman, executive director of Binary Defence

They could transfer simple commands from hundreds of metres away with items ranging from $ 14 laser signals to flashlights.

If the criminal hires a voice-controlled assistant, he can access anything that requires a voice command. Those who use Siri to simply keep a shopping list or tell them the weather

The hacker will be able to turn off home security systems, order items online using stored credit card information