WWE Rumors: Sasha Banks shockingly released, stunning wrestling world

About a month after coming out of Monday night's taping, Sasha Banks was reportedly fired by the WWE

Raj Giri of Wrestling Inc said, Sasha Banks has been released from WWE.

The release comes just one day a month after she and her tag team partner, Naomi, walked out of the WWE Monday Night Raw recorded in May in protest of poor booking decisions.

The news was initially disputed by Seful Ross Sapp of Fightful, who said he spoke to WWE Talent Relations this afternoon when Giri started giving him the source and information

Talent Relations reportedly told Sapp they had no information about this. However, Sapp ended his tweet by giving Giri credibility, saying he has good sources

Sasha Banks may have recently become the hottest free agent in wrestling history

Sasha Banks has been a big part of the WWE movement towards a highly competitive,