There is a reason Tony Romo dropped the ball while doing so. At the Match Play Tournament in Wisconsin

The former Dallas Cowboy's back began to grab him, forcing him to win all four in the green set.

However, the 42-year-old dominated the home tournament, trailing 3-0 with a win on Tuesday.

"How will this boy meet Tony Romo," the PFT Analyst asked. "It doesn't bother you at all," cried Jane Slater of the NFL Network.

"'Give Romo that 2016 team and win the Superbowl," quotes one fan. "Mans back was made with Ritz Crackers."

"Me, Tony Romo Back problems near the curve," notes Nick Shook. "No, if it's me you can't be out here making cats' tails while I line up the putt," laughed one

Tony Romo's injury in 2016 forced him to miss 10 games due to a broken spine, which eventually put him in the CBS position without Jim Nantz.

Pro Bowler, who has played four times, returns to the ring on Wednesday in the 16th round.