Tiger Woods is one of the leading golfers in the history of the game. Now he joins another elite team: athletes who claim 10 figures.

Woods' total is estimated at more than $ 1 billion, according to Forbes, which puts him in the company of high-profile

Michael Jordan and LeBron James, who reached the billionaire position last week. Less than 10 percent of Woods' wealth comes from his golf wins,

Most of the money he earns from his stratospheric work is the result of numerous authorization agreements with companies such as Gatorade, Rolex and Nike

"He hit the right spot in the right game, a multi-disciplinary athlete who was approachable," Joe Favorito, a sports business consultant, told Forbes.

The brands are getting someone who will not only be accepted by the traditional people but also by ordinary fans

Woods also participates in many sports-related businesses, helping to increase his value. He is affiliated with the golf design business

The golfer and his peers "were very good at taking on business parts, building their own businesses, just like the athletes before them," Leigh Steinberg, a well-known sports agent