Texas boy is the world's youngest mariachi. For his dad, it's a return to Mexican family roots

Mateo Lopez pulled on the collar of his shirt and tore his neck, as if trying to free himself.

Then, as the violin played his part and the guitars rumbled in front of him in the gym at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center

he released “La Noche y Tu,” concluding with a burst of applause that caused a shout “Eso! Yes! ” All right!

Like many mariachi artists, Mateo  cherishes his Mexican heritage and loves to sing love songs, motherly love, apology and life and death in the countryside

Mateo , only 7 years old, likes to throw baseball balls and see how fast he can run from one side of the hallway to the other.

The bilingual second-grader has been singing since the age of four and 236 days, a mark that earned her the title of April as the youngest mariachi in the world by Guinness World Records.

Mateo's star debuted after the spread of his singing video in a Mexican restaurant in late 2018. Since appearing in Mexico's version of "America's Got Talent"