Tessa Thompson Will Not Speak To Thor's Most Famous Heroes: Love and Thunder

Tessa Thompson will once again return as Valkyrie to the Marvel Cinematic Universe from Thor: Love and Thunder

And it looks like he is about to have at least a half in the middle of what will go down with the Norse god as he gets his mojo.

There are a few Marvel characters in the film, which could have a profound effect not only on the character but also on the franchises as a whole

But according to Thompson, just because She was in the film doesn't mean there's any contact with everyone in the film. Apparently

,She did not even see some of Marvel's most famous characters.

Tessa Thompson discussed what it was like to be on the Thor: Love and Thunder set. And the fact that the film's coverage

Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie will have no lines with that team. It seems that those two characters