The funda of solar mobile charger is becoming more and more popular. The anywhere charging facility, along with the feeling of being eco-friendly.

There have been reports of big companies like Apple and Nokia being engaged in trying to bring the concept of the solar mobile charger to mobile phones

Solar charging facility may take time to come in these handsets but solar mobile chargers have already arrived.

Hong Kong-based company iTech, which makes Bluetooth headsets, also introduced a solar charger when it entered India.

Solar Charger 906 is priced at Rs 6499. You can also fit it on the dashboard of the car. It has 10 types of adapters for different mobile handsets.

You charge the solar mobile charger by placing it in the sun, then with the help of a USB, the phone can be charged by connecting it.

The charger takes about 22 hours to charge in the sun. After at least 40 percent charge, you can use it to charge mobile phones.

It can also be charged by connecting to a computer with the help of a USB, which takes three hours.