Shaquille O’Neal doesn’t compare anyone to Kobe Bryant – “Anyone like Kobe today? Not even close" like Kobe? No one is even close.

I don't think they want to compare themselves to Kobe, I think they're trying to establish their own brand. I'm not comparing anyone to Mike,

but if I had to answer the question, Kobe is the closest thing to Mike. And is there anyone who is close to Kobe? No…In terms of the order, it's always going to be Mike, then Kobe, and then probably LeBron.'

Shaquille O'Neal is right when he says there isn't a player close to Kobe Bryant in the NBA today Everyone always likes to compare the players of the current generation

Shaq believes that most players don't want to be the next version of someone, but rather the first version of themselves.

It is likely that the belief is correct. In truth, there is no player like Bryant in the NBA either. While some players are fantastic

isolation shooters like Bryant, there isn't a player among that group who has the winning pedigree that Bryant had. Steph Curry is probably the closest to the winning category

TThat's why Bryant is so high on O'Neal's top three list. Bryant doesn't usually rank as high as O'Neal ranked him, but it's certainly justifiable.