Phil Mickelson: If you love golf, you have no doubt followed the news headlines four months ago about LIV Golf,

which will kick off in London on Friday morning. Maybe you're interested because you're a follower of Phil Mickelson.

Perhaps you were involved in a heated argument because the controversy overshadowed all of that from the beginning.

Maybe you're expecting a train crash. Hello, we are in New Jersey. Who among us is not to blame for the little rubbernecking?

Yes, LIV Golf is here - and, in less than two months, it will be available. The first trip comes to New Jersey at the end of July,

which means local golf fans will have the opportunity to see for themselves whether this is all right.

LIV Golf - called live - is a rival of the PGA Tour consisting of eight tournaments. The events are 54 holes (hence the Roman LIV numbers),

 not 72 as most PGA events, and stadiums are limited to 48 golfers. Twelve teams, four of which will compete in each tournament,

with individual trophies will be $ 20 million and another $ 5 million will be divided among the best teams each week.