Phil Mickelson apologizes to US Open fan(no,not for that)

Phil Mickelson's ball shot at No. 3 was sitting in a rough spot on the right, and when he got to his ball he saw a man sitting on the ground

holding an icepack in his right temple, the medical staff gathered.

Mickelson approached and handed the man a glove and apologized. Problem one: It was Sam Horsfield's shooting in the sixth hole next door that hit him.

"It's natural," Mickelson said, drawing laughter from the gallery. "I often think it's me." That's how things went for the U.S. second-place player

Open six times at The Country Club this week: a series of apologies, interrupted by dozens of bad golf shots.

"I wish I had played better," said Mickelson, who declined to speak to reporters, in a document circulated by USGA on Friday after following the first round of 78 with 3-over 73 to complete 11 overs

Mickelson has competed on American soil for the first time in more than four months. But when fans grabbed his money against him, they did not let it show.