Sunday's Wimbledon men's final ended in a tiebreak that looked like Nick Kyrgios's match and career in miniature.

Aussie handled three-time defending champion Novak Djokovic but lost his nerve and concentration

several key moments to go down two sets to one. Still, Kyrgios avoided a complete meltdown

A huge victory for the sport's most flamboyant man — and at times channeled his anger into breathtaking tennis.

Then, during the deciding tiebreak of the fourth set, he was losing point after poin

on serve and started yelling, "What are you afraid of?!" by his supporters in his players' box

At 1-6, he began to shake his head, furious, seemingly already defeated,

produced two great serves. Djokovic, the world's greatest returner,

I was half surprised the post-match headlines didn't read "Nick Kyrgios loses first Wimbledon final",