The drama at Pocono Raceway extended well after the race as the top two finishers, Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch, were disqualified for failing post-race inspection.

Chase Elliott, who finished third, NASCAR didn't go into details because they will be doing more research at their R&D Center this week,

but Cup Series executive Brad Moran of the same offense and both teams have the right to appeal.

Hamlin and Busch lose their points and finish 35th and 36th as everyone else moves up two positions. Ironically, given Hamlin's ongoing feud with Ross Chastain this season,

resulted in Ross crashing late in the race, Chastain won Stage 2 via Busch's DQ. The news went viral on social media as many noticed it.

 Even Denny Hamlin responded. This is obviously a big problem. It's been a very long time since a Cup Series driver was disqualified for failing post-race inspection.

Joey Logano failed post-race inspection when he won at Richmond in 2017,

but even though he couldn't use the win to qualify for the NASCAR Playoffs, he had to keep the win. At least Hamlin and Busch have their past wins in the Playoffs.