In addition to not working at the same time in the NBA, LeBron James and Michael Jordan have one of the biggest rivals in the league

No, we are not talking about a conflict between two people playing alone. Instead, the debate over who is the basketball goat.

Right now, Jordan seems to have a lot of votes in his favor. After all he had a good record in the NBA Finals and his impact on the NBA was unparalleled

Even his longtime rival Charles Barkley accepted that if it were not for Mike, his generation would not have made money through sneakers and sales deals.

On the other hand, we have LeBron James. Even before joining the NBA, LeBron was considered the next big thing in the NBA

Most players will find themselves buried under great pressure, but not LeBron. In his incredible career,

he achieved almost everything expected of him before his debut in the league. But many still do not believe that he is a GOAT.

The number seems to have increased since James rival Stephen Curry won the fourth title of his career this season,