Malaika Arora celebrates Mother’s Day by remembering how she continued to be the mother of her child Arhaan and was able to balance her working life.

On Sunday, Malaika Arora shared a post by Humans of Bombay in which she recalled how she made and kept her promise not to lose her identity in the motherhood program

He recalled that while waiting for Arhaan, people said his work would end. “At that time, after the wedding, you could not see the actress on the screen.

.But having been raised by a group of women who favored independence, I knew that being a mother meant that I had to say one thing — my mother's role!

worked during my pregnancy-closing games, as well as exercises. And when Arhaan was born, I promised to give him the land.

I promised myself again — I would not lose your identity in the process of motherhood. Since then, I have kept both promises, ”Malaika said in a post.

LHe recalled that in the two months he had brought Arhaan to this world, he had accumulated a fortune in the awards show

and signed the song ‘Kaal Dhamaal’ in Karan Johar’s Kaal production program.

However, he acknowledged suffering “in the case of a working mother,” but also thanked his family, including Arbaaz Khan, who lived on his back.