A few days after the launch of the trailer for his upcoming film as a producer, Major Telugu star Mahesh Babu was asked about working in Bollywood.

Responding to a reporter's question, Mahesh responded that Bollywood could not afford him. He said, “I have received many donations in Hindi, but I do not think they will pay me.

I do not want to waste my time working on an industry that I cannot afford. The prestige and respect I get here [in the South] is great, so I never thought of leaving my industry to go to other industries.

I’ve always been thinking of making films and being great. My dream is coming true now I can no longer be happy ”.

Responding to the video, one fan wrote, "This is the difference between a local grandfather and king".

In the midst of his controversial statement, now an old video of Shah Rukh Khan has spread on social media where he was asked by a reporter at the 2008 Berlinale press conference in Berlin, Germany about working in Hollywood.

Mahes said “My English is not good. If I were to give the role of a dumb person who would not speak maybe ... I mean I am not trying to be modest but I think that, at 42 years old

I have nothing special as an actor, I do not know kung-fu, I do not dance Latin salsa, I am not tall enough.