Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant was shocked that Steve Nash was fired The Brooklyn Nets and Steve Nash decided to part ways on Tuesday

and the news reportedly surprised Kevin Durant. Speaking to the media after Brooklyn's loss to the Chicago Bulls, Durant said he was "shocked" by the news.

Over the summer, reports surfaced that Durant pushed for the Nets to fire not only Steve Nash but general manager Sean Marks as well.

When that didn't happen, it's unclear if Durant's desire for Nash to be fired changed at all, but now it finally happened.

The Brooklyn Nets are off to a terrible start this season, and things have only gotten worse since last year's game against the Boston Celtics.

Since that disastrous first-round exit, Brooklyn has dealt with the drama of Durant's trade request,

the latest Kyrie Irving controversy, and now the firing of their head coach. Mixed in with that drama.

It seems unlikely that a head coaching change is an answer for this Nets team because while Steve Nash hasn't been great during his tenure,