Thomas was unlucky when his drive down the fairway in a difficult four-legged hole he happened to be sitting in front of the ditch.

Thomas asked for relief but was asked if the football field would interfere with his turn.

The world's No. 5 golfer honestly replied no, so he was not given any relief. He then smeared the iron and chewed.

"That's what I left behind," said Thomas. “There are so many other people who can lie that they can beat that. But it's like, I'm not going to hit it. I'm just trying to be a good person. F-ing bulls-, man.

USGA has issued a statement regarding the decision not to give Thomas a drop. “In the fourth hole,

Justin Thomas' ball landed near the ditch on the fairway. Justin asked for a decision from a nearby referee

During the conversation, Justin was asked if the pipe would interfere with his swing, to which he replied that he did no

Because there was no disturbance in the ditch, Justin was not given any help