increase website traffic                for free

Many of my competitors have been building and developing their websites faster than me and earning higher levels with very little effort. In fact, some of them received hundreds of visitors a day!

Each infographic had a specific function that I thought would help increase website traffic. The first is called ‘High-Quality Content’.

These would be ten blogs I had written based on my research. The following was called ‘Domain Names: How to Choose the Right’ and discussed the importance of choosing a domain name recognized by Google.

       All of the above marketing and promotion strategies are part of the many strategies I use to improve the quality of my                sites.

Cold access is actually the opposite of an attempt to focus on keywords. You see, most people want the keywords they want but do not want the exact keywords within your page content.

To get a good website full you need to be listed on all the names people want. To achieve this you need to look at your competitor’s content to see what keywords they rank on Google,

Wordless linkbait is a link without a keyword. These are often linked to updates on your status and photos on your Facebook and Twitter pages.