Film review: Everything about ‘Everything, Everywhere, All At Once’

That is the case with Evelyn Wong, played by Michelle Yeoh. Evelyn tries to manage the family's laundry, comfort her father, tell her husband what to do and arrange for a social gathering when her daughter is out.

I found it hard to know how many forms to fill out). No one wants to be in Evelyn's situation, and we all feel that she is not.

But, in “Everything, Everywhere, Everything At the Same Time,” destiny is unmerciful to him, and Evelyn is soon given a new responsibility: to rescue many people from the universal

Special effects take the audience on board with these characters. As Evelyn travels through space and space, she no doubt begins to answer questions that she tries to avoid:

Do you really love her husband as he does? Why does he suffer so much?

"Everything, Everywhere, Everything Once" is what happens when you put all the strands of life together, wrap them in string and then wrap something in it.

It is a mosaic of different generations in one family, of different film genres that are part of the same art.