UFC commissioner Dana White revealed some amazing information from the NFL this Saturday night.

During an interview with Rob Gronkowski on The Gronks at UFC 278 today, White revealed that he made a deal to bring Tom Brady

and Rob Gronkowski to the Las Vegas Raiders. So what happened? White explains that Jon Gruden got in the way

and cancelled the deal. In other words, he didn't want Brady and Gronk on his Raiders. What on earth was Jon Gruden thinking?

"Gronk essentially andTom Brady made deals to go to Las Vegas in 2020, but Jon Gruden 'stoked the deal' at the last minute.

There was Derek Carr, the QB Tom Brady talked about in The Shop,” PFF wrote. "Dana White tells the craziest story about

how Gruden blew the deal to get Tom Brady and Gronk to the Raiders run. Crazy," Joey Richards said.

Gronkowski even confirmed the story saying, "That's exactly what happened." "president of UFC Dana White says that he was working to get Tom Brady