Charles Barkley Has Some High Praise For Andrew Wiggins: "He Plays Some Of The Best Defense I've Ever Seen"

If you had told someone before the start of the season that Andrew Wiggins would be the second best player on the field during the NBA Finals

he would probably tell you to check your head. While that may not be the case at the time,

He had already made his mark as one of the two leading players in the league after defeating Luka Doncic in the Western Conference final

Wiggins was the second goal scorer for the Warriors and while his scoring in Game 5 was significant, it was his impact on the defensive line during the series,

. Charles Barkley joined the long list of stars in honor of Wiggins when he appeared on the Pat McAfee Show.

"I think the key to Wiggins is to confuse Pat with being the first player on the draft list. If you know you're the first in the draft list,

you have to be global and now you could be like the fourth, fifth best player. And now you think oh you're the first player to be one,