While growing competitor LIV Golf continues to entice golfers to add to its roster, one of the PGA's rising stars is staying put.

During Sunday's Tour Championship, Rookie of the Year favourite Cameron Young told reporters he was sticking with the PGA Tour.

"Honestly, I decided to stay," Young said. "It's a really difficult situation because it's nothing that anyone would really want

I don't think there should have been such animosity between the two of them." LIV Golf courted Young very well,

as did many other golfers. While Young considered jumping ship, he ultimately decided to stay the course with the Tour.

Last week, Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy held a players-only meeting, which Young also attended. McIlroy said the purpose of the meeting was to help "secure" the Tour

"Mcllroy said we all are committed to coming together more often to make the product more compelling, “I do not have a crystal ball,

but I think that is the best way to move forward. While the PGA Tour is underway, LIV Golf continues to add renegades.