Owners of Android smartphones are at risk of a new type of billing fraud designed to trick

In a comprehensive blog post, explaining how the whole system works, Microsoft explained that the toll malware malware is "one of the most common types" on Android

Toll fraud is also quite complex, compared to your close relatives, SMS fraud and phone frau

These applications use certain network operators, using their functionality only if the endangered location is registered to one of the targeted operators.

If these conditions are met, the app will sign up for the service, without appearing to the device owner, and will also receive instant password SMS and other notifications.

A malicious computer malware program is also known for loading flexible codes, as this makes it difficult for mobile security software to detect any malicious

Microsoft says there are features that can be used to filter and identify these threats, as well as improvements to the Android API and Google Play Store publishing policy

The first major variant of the malicious computer program in the fake toll family was the Joker, who managed to get into the Google Play Store five years ago.