Alex Bregman gets revenge after Yankees plunk Jose Altuve on first pitch

Altuve, who was seen signing autographs to young Yankees fans ahead of the game, was thrown by Taillon on the court and fled the scene. Still, the fans liked it, and Houston noticed.

Shortly after hitting a few, Bregman retaliated against his teammate, who was then supported. Bregman hit home a three-run home run to prepare for Houston early.

The Astros-Yankees are one of the most anticipated series of the season so far. Both teams are ranked in the top 5 of the MLB Power Rankings for a reason

They have two top records in the American League. Outside of Boston, the Astros are a major rival of the Yanks

Alex Bregman's revenge was temporary In what will be a long weekend series on both sides, Giancarlo Stanton turned Bregman's three-run shot with his homer.

That was not a gift from a short porch. No, Stanton's home run would be a surprise for all 30 ballparks.

Houston and New York can once again get along well on the ALCS when everything is said and done. In the meantime, we get a preview.