Ways To Make Passive Income Online

The Simplest Way to make Passive Income online

make passive income online

Friends, here are the simple way to make passive income online

Based on my research, this seems to be the basic principle that website owners have followed to earn income online

* Get more people to come to your website

* Get them to click on your Adsense links

Sounds easy enough. Import people into your website from Google search, then link to an Adsense ad. Search in Adsense Out.

Using it to get the right amount of money, however, can be quite challenging.

The first problem is how to get more visitors to your website.

This is where Search Engine Optimization comes into play. However, this is easier said than done. It is a small work of art. You have to learn the mind of an internet user. What keywords would he use? Why not visit your website? Do you have content that makes people interested enough to come to your website?

Basically, your goal is to be seen

You have to be seen. You can do this using SEO or using traditional product building methods. Tell your friends, family, and colleagues. If they have websites, politely ask if you can link them.

For the lucky few who are already at the top of the search engines, this is not a problem. Others (including me) will have to work hard at it. Experts have differing opinions about what you should post on a website. Some say, place important content with about 500-1000 words on each of your websites. Some say provide a 300-word newsletter.

Another option to get clicks would be to advertise online with keywords. 

Adwords is an example of a tool that can allow you to do this. There will be marketing costs in this case. The goal here is to earn more Adsense money than Adwords Expenses which is a basic business concept. This is easier said than done, I tried it and got bad results.

The next problem could be how to get visitors to click on Adsense links.

However, the first thing that needs to be done is to get an Adsense account. Very easy to set up. After that, you need to add Adsense links to your website. There are people who say make it a mix of all your pages. Here, on my website, you can see my Adsense Ads which seem to be part of the whole theme.

Experts’ idea to make passive income online

Some experts say that the more ads there are, the more clicks they will have. In this case, Ads are highlighted with a different color scheme, and sometimes a different one. One tip provided actually set up a Google ad next to an image/image. Viewers often click on image links, so there are plenty of revenue streams out there.

What does all this mean for the Filipino businessman?

In my opinion, it means opportunities. Although I have only recently begun to experiment with all of this myself, it seems that it is really possible to earn a little money. For example, I started this website (last January) and in my first month, I earned the US $ 7 in Adsense. Not much but consider this:

1-My expenses so far have been web hosting (the US $ 4 per month), and domain name (the US $ 3 one year I got a discount).

2- If I continue to receive the US $ 7 per month, that would be US $ 84 per year.

3-My holding age will be $ 48

4- My one-year theoretical salary would be about $ 33.

Pay some cost to make passive income online

There are some costs, of course, from writing content on this website to electricity, a little time to do other things, etc. I have not included it yet. If you had content already, this would not matter to you. Just download it and you should be ready.

For example, if you have a songwriting website, you can find a trusted web developer, have them download your site, and install AdSense. Upgrade it to search and you should get revenue soon. It probably won’t be great, but it is enough to get you interested.

I remember in my last test with the word tracker app.

you may have a custom statistics analyst on your website. It may provide suggested lottery numbers based on historical information. That would be something most people would go to.

There are probably some interesting opportunities for the web-savvy businessman Pinoy. As long as you find people on your website, and you get them to click on the ad, there will be revenue.

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