Ways to Make Money From Home

ways to make money from home

Looking for some ways to make some extra money? Maybe it’s the holidays and you’ve gone overboard, or you want to pay off your credit card bills faster. Are you planning a vacation and the more money you save, the better the vacation will be? Maybe you’re just looking for some extra income after losing your job or reducing your hours at work. Hey – it happens. These ideas for ways to make money from home will help you reach your financial goals quickly.

Ways to make money from home

Cleaning services.

Cleaning services

Do you like cleaning? Are you good at it? Can you do a flawless job in a short amount of time? If you answered yes to these questions, starting a janitorial service might be for you! You can make a pretty penny doing a job that most people don’t like. If you want to make it a long-term gig, there are even cleaning franchise opportunities.

Maintenance services.

Maintenance services

People always have things around their homes that they need to do. In fact, right now I wish someone would come and change the light bulbs in my stairwell. They are about 9 feet tall and even standing on a chair I can barely reach them. I also have some heavy stuff I’d like to move up. I would pay someone for that! Whether it’s little things like my annoyances or more serious jobs, there’s always a need for a handyman.



In my area, you do not need to be licensed to provide daycare services for less than a certain number of children. While this is a scary thought, it’s also great because a childcare license can be really expensive. If you like children and are comfortable with them, this could be the way to go.

Dog walking.

Kind of like babysitting, but with furry kids instead. Many dog ​​breeds need lots of exercise and companionship, while other dogs suffer from separation anxiety. Having a companion during the day can help both conditions. If you love animals, this is the perfect way to make money from home.


Are you good at math or science? It doesn’t matter, there are always kids who need extra attention with their schoolwork. There are tutors for every subject and every level, from preschool to college. Hours are usually very flexible as well.

Music lesson.

Like tutoring, but with musical instruments. There are always people who want to learn to play an instrument and this is one of the great ways to make money from home. For some, it might be piano or guitar lessons, while others will want to play the drums. If you have these skills, you can earn them. Of course, this will require someone to come to your home, or you to theirs.

Cooking for the people.

I don’t know about you, but some days all I want to do is microwave something and watch TV. However, I want something that is better for me than a typical TV dinner. Like a nice, home-cooked meal without all the work. If you love to cook, this can be one of the best ways to make money from home. You can make the items at your home or at their place, freeze these meals, label them with what’s in them, and provide instructions on how to reheat and/or cook them. Easy right?!?! Some of these services charge quite a bit of money for this convenience. Of course, you’ll want to get some insurance, just in case These are just a few ways to make money from home. Be your own boss and find your financial space.

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