TVS IQube Review

TVS iQube electric scooter introduced, will cover a distance of up to 140 km with many good features, known prices and booking details.


TVS Motor Company (TVS Motor Company)  on Wednesday announced the launch of its new TVs iQube Electric scooter in three models. According to the company, the electric motorcycle comes with a maximum distance of 140 km on a single full charge. Many features are available in this electric scooter. It gets a 7 inch TFT touch screen with a clean UI, Infinity Theme Personalization, Voice Assist and many other smart features connected like TVS Cube Alexa Skill Set, Intuitive Music Player Control, OTA Updates, Fast Charging with Plug-and-Play Carry, Charger, Car Health. and security notifications, multiple Bluetooth and cloud connectivity options, 32 litres of storage space, and more.

Variety and colours of TVs iQube

The TVS iQube series will be available in 3 variants with 11 colours and 3 charging options. This e-scooter is introduced in the basic version of the TVS Qube, which differs between the TVS Qube S and the TVS Qube ST.

Booking start

The company has started booking TVS Qube and TVS Qube S. Customers wishing to purchase this motorcycle can book on the company’s website. Delivery of these models has begun immediately. Both scooters are available at the company’s existing retail outlets in 33 cities. The company says it will soon make it available in 52 other cities.

In the meantime, the TVS Qube ST can be booked in advance. The company will soon share more details including the booking and launch of the TVS Qube ST.

The highest variant of the TVS Qube ST gets a 5.1 kWh battery designed by TVS Motor. The scooter brings a distance of 140 km on the road with one full charge.

The TVS Qube ST is available in four new ultra-premium colours and comes with 1.5kW fast charging. It gets 32 litres of seating under a seat that can hold two helmets freely.

The TVS Qube ST offers an unparalleled 7-inch TFT touch screen with 5-way joystick interaction, music control, car life, 4-G telematics and smart ride communications with active notifications including OTA updates. This scooter also gets features to customise the theme you want, a voice assistant and TVS Qube Alexa (TVS Qube Alexa).

TVS Qube S

Unique TVS Qube S comes with a 3.4 kWh battery designed by TVS Motor. This motorcycle provides a 100 km road distance with a single charge.

TVS iCube S gets a 7-inch TFT screen with a 5-way joystick, music controls, self-theme, and active notifications that include car life.

The basic variant of the TVS Qube comes with a 3.4 kWh TVS motor designed with battery details. It offers about 100 km of road distance with a full charge. This motorcycle features a 5-inch TFT turn-by-turn navigation assist. The basic version of the TVS Qube is also available in three colours.

The TVS SMART CONNECTTM platform is also upgraded with an advanced navigation system, telematics unit, and anti-theft and geofencing features. By using voice commands, the passenger receives valuable information about the TVS Cube Alexa skill set.

width and speed of TVS Qube

The base and S-variants of the scooter offer a range of 100 km with a single charge. Although the top type of ST offers a distance of 140 km. The distance of all three is higher than the previous model which offers a distance of 75 km in one charge. Both TVS Qube and TVS Qube S have a top speed of 78 km / h. Although the TVS variant Qube ST has a top speed of 82 km / h.

battery charging

TVS Qube ST and TVS Qube S 950W with 650W with plug-and-play with off-board chargers and 3 and 4.5 hours charging options are also available.

what is the price Of TVS QUBE?

The original price of the TVS Qube series is Rs 98,564, rising to Rs 1,08,690. The price of the TVS Qube is kept at Rs 98,564. At the same time, the price of the TVS Qube S is set at Rs 1,08,690. These are Delhi street prices with FAME and government support. The price of the TVS Qube ST variant has not been disclosed yet.

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