Tips To Improve Your Music

4 Important Tips on How to Improve Your Music


For the past year, I have been very focused on how to sell my music online. I truly believe that the internet has changed the game for artists and I want to be one of those artists who can use the internet to help improve my music. I was reading articles, watching videos, taking notes, and buying different programs to try. We hope these tips will help you promote your album, those who want to promote the band, or those who just want your songs to be heart.

Tips to improve your music

1-Focus on Digital how to improve your music

Ever since Napster started back in the mid-90s people have loved digital and have never looked back. Portable CDs, while still ready to be sold at shows, are slowly becoming the cheapest way to sell your music. Think about it. You have to export the artwork, print it, submit it (which is often more than you would have expected), and then go around the shows trying to get people to buy it. Selling CDs is a common way to earn money with live games, but to be a successful independent artist you have to go with the trends. Everything is going digital these days.

Think about it. You can log on to YouTube and find someone’s video from Japan. They may have a link to their description where you can download the song for $ 1. Suddenly you can download a song from all over the world. It’s really amazing. People want it now and want it soon. People are accustomed to shopping online now. I remember people were affected by online shopping and how safe they would feel about it. Now everyone is getting into the act of shopping online.

2-Use the Communication Forum on how to improve your music

If you haven’t guessed, the way music is promoted is completely different from a few years ago. The growth of social media changed everything. It started with sites like LiveJournal and then MySpace. You remember MySpace, don’t you? A large amount of spam and very busy profiles took 3 minutes to load?

Now the world has discovered a handful of new social networking sites to log in to … Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Digg, etc … Available options are endless. The best part about social media is that everything is free and if you have good tracking, your posts about your latest single can be shared worldwide with just a few clicks of the mouse.

How to Use Social Media to improve your music

However, social media is more than just starting a profile and starting sending messages and tweets and pushing and improving your music in everyone’s face. You need to be able to use social media to avoid being a pushy salesman. You’ve seen those people on social media. Sending posts every hour …

“Buy my CD”

“I have a plan this weekend”

“Like my Facebook page”

But those people who post those posts have never asked themselves a simple question … why should it?

Think about that second …

Why should a stranger at Tom want to share your knowledge or support your music? You will be treated as someone who uses spam because you have a lot of followers who do not know who you are. Failed to build relationships with your social media followers. I’m not saying you shouldn’t tell people what’s going on with your music, but you should connect with other people and chat with people online before you can sell them your music.

So how do they know more about you?

That is the true power of social media that some artists do not understand. Social media gives you the opportunity to say who you really are, what you believe, what kind of music you make, why you love music, and why you do anything. It is very easy to let people know who you are. Just join the conversation or reply to a tweet. Or share the music of one of the artists. Start interacting with people online. The options are endless.

3-Collect Emails to improve your music

Many people think that collecting emails is a long-standing practice. People think it doesn’t make sense today because people are so on Facebook and Twitter that they think it’s better to market on those sites.

Social media is fashionable. They come and go.

What happened to all of your contacts when everyone left MySpace? Did you have to try to reconnect with many of them or did you just lose them completely? Imagine how easy it would be to send all your fans an email and say “I have a new Facebook page, check it out”. Another thing is that people are still checking their emails every day.

4-Find Your Own Domain to improve your music

What domain do you ask for? Your place in the world of web pages out there. Whenever you see .com, .net, .biz, or .gov … all these domains. This means you must have a website from which you can always direct people.

Why not use a Facebook page as a website? A lot of people have asked me that and I think if you do that you are right, but you may also face problems in the future.

 If something happens on FB?

 Their server goes down?

What if they did not like what you said in the post and decided to close your account?

If you are the owner of your domain, you have complete control over your site. It doesn’t matter if FB goes away. You still have your own server with your domain. And it looks clean.

How to cancel my YouTube account

I’ll give you my little story and why I believe so much in both “get your domain” and “get emails from your fans”. I have had my YouTube account for about 5 years now. Last year, I recently started using YouTube more to make videos and I was able to share them with people. I used to go and send messages to people I thought might like my music. Although some people did not like the message I had 1000 people supported me and shared my music. Some even subscribe to my email list. I absolutely love YouTube and it is one of my favorite social media platforms.

Sadly, YouTube closed my account last month. I had to start over. Why did they lock me up? Because not enough people say I spam them to close my account. They did not give me a warning. They just shut it down. It was my mistake not to back up my videos, but I lost most of my videos. I had to reload all my videos which meant I had to re-enter the description, enter the keywords and duplicate all the annotations. It took me a whole weekend to bury myself in my apartment to finish.

How To Market improve Your Music Online

I hope you found this article helpful. As artists, we have to keep up with the styles. The internet and the digital age have changed everything in every business and music is no different. As artists, we should be at the forefront of the creative process using the internet. After all, most of us do not have big budgets behind us so we have to carry a lot of responsibility ourselves.

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