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Telepathy Case

How often do you, your family, or your friends start to think about someone, and then the phone rings and they start talking? Compatibility? That is what the scientist said because they could not replicate this under “controlled conditions” in the laboratory. Or maybe you or one of your family members suddenly receives a message or message that another family member in another city is injured or dead? And how often do you feel that you may have twins or a married couple who can read each other’s thoughts?


What is telepathy Definition?

They are all examples of telepathy, which is defined as the transfer of information from one person to another without the use of any of our known sensory channels or physical contact.  Among the most popular is the use of Zener cards. Remember the incident at GHOSTBUSTERS when a professor, played by Bill Murray, tried to seduce a coed in a test where he and another male student were connected to an electrical outlet? Murray held up a card and every time he guessed, he said he was right, and every time the boy guessed, whether he was right or not, he would get an electric charge (he was trying to run the boy). The cards Murray used were Zener cards with twisted lines, a circle, a cross, a square, and a star.

When J.B. Rhine, who founded the Parapsychology lab at Duke University doing her ESP exams, used Zener cards. You will have a sender and receiver sitting at a desk facing each other with a divider between them. Test results were incomplete. When he received a test that doubled more than normal chances, subsequent tests used the same cards at the end until they reduced the results below chance. The obvious conclusion was that subjects would be bored and lose their focus.

Telepathy definition meaning

So let’s take telepathy further and put it in the definition of “spiritual organization” and “person.” A lot of people call this a “channel,” but it’s actually the same thing. Instead of looking at the card and trying to send a picture of it, all the sentences are sent. When I first got telepathic communication in 2005, for the first time with a living person — except he lived in the 1600s as an American Indian Shaman in the western part of the United States (time is our opinion, but that’s another story.). I may find that you are part of my soul group or “collection” like my Guardian angel, whom I can name Theo.

I will continue to ask thousands of questions since then, and Theo will explain that these telepathic messages are sent to what they call “thought packets,” found right in our brain and “filtered” according to our background, education, and belief system. For example, it is almost impossible for me to get scientific knowledge, as my degree is in business finance. Any questions I ask at the scientific level should be “brought down” in order for me to accept them.

Mental telepathy definition

I get these answers to my questions when I am in a changed “alpha” state, something researchers should have thought about trying long ago, but I have not found any mention of trying this method. They would write the best results, but they had a short opinion. When I enter the deep level of “theta” (what I call “tripping out) it is as if I have descended to the first level of sleep. my weekly, so that the lessons are very different without my knowledge, and in many cases, the answers are completely the opposite.

Another study by J.B. Rhine was to divide his studies by 250 yards from each other to ensure that there was no “leak” as it is called. I found that no matter how far away — across the city, half the world, or even farther away — communication took place instantly!

In 2008, my GA Theo introduced me to another member of my soul “collection,” the only one who never lived on earth – he lives in the water world on the Sirius B Star System. Since then I have asked this amphibian, whose name is Antura, hundreds of detailed questions about his life, family, planet, astronomy, and the universe. I even had enough of the book, which came out this year. The second I asked a question, and immediately returned with the answer to the “thought packet”.

Future of telepathy

So what is the future of telepathy? Have I ever been told that when we finally get to the stars at 3,250, we should be able to communicate with creatures that are so different from us? They can be birds, insects, plants, reptiles, and aquatic animals. I think we will need to have several telepaths on each star of the earth — perhaps by then, all the selected crew will be telepaths — who knows?

We will meet people a billion years before us in technology, who will have translation equipment to communicate with us easily. But we will also find planets where intelligent beings are behind us a few thousand years in development, so we better have a way to communicate with them.

And don’t forget how fast this connection goes. Astronomers will be able to send messages to the earth, as it is impossible to send messages, even using some kind of light, to return to another star system.

Benefits of telepathy 

In short, there are many benefits to using telepathy. Now, all our scientists have to do is learn how to operate it, instead of wasting it, simply because they do not yet have the tools to see the forces involved in transmission. Let’s hope some open-minded scientists will want to prove where others have failed.

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