Start A New Thing In Life With You,

If You Want New Things, It Starts With You,

Take Life In Your Hands, start a new thing in life with you

Look around you. What do you see? I do not mean literally but figuratively. What’s not in your life right now? What can make your life perfect? Putting aside the current epidemic, think of something you want that has not yet happened? There is a mistaken belief that if we get what we want, we will be happy. Experience has taught me that the yearning for something that is not in my life seldom develops. There must be a deep desire to change our circumstances, to conform to our core values.

 At times, it may be due to frustration with the way things are done, or it may be perceived that something is missing. For example, if we are lonely, we might want to have a close relationship with him to end our loneliness. But are we making the right choice, or are we trying to close the gap? For example, we might take on a hobby or volunteer our services at a charitable organization, where we receive much meaning and purpose. Here, we can or may not attract relationships because that is not our main goal. Our goal is to eradicate loneliness and to be part of a community of like-minded people.

For example, consider trying to fix a problem that did not go as planned? Have you considered other solutions, or have you been stuck with some effect? What I am trying to say is: We have to keep our minds open and explore other opportunities, if we want to change our lives. Crying about how things are, without taking action is a way of disappointment. It requires taking our own lives and seeking solutions. We may not know what is the best result until we test it on the road. Therefore, trying to treat our loneliness in a relationship comes with its own problems. Similarly, giving our time to volunteer work can be challenging, but the rewards are great.

Match Your Valuable Values

Sadly, life is not always what we expect it to be and there are advantages to this, that we may not even consider. However, if we look at our actions as potential lessons, we will not be able to win or lose. If so, we have a positive attitude when the situation does not turn out the way we expected. Are you happy with the idea that it is okay to make mistakes, as long as you are learning important lessons and not hitting them? Life can be an imperfect school, where each experience is the basis of growth and expansion. We should not view our experience as a victory or a defeat because that puts us under pressure to succeed. And as you know, success is the result of repeated failures and losses.

I was cursed or doomed to failure. But in hindsight, I can see that the experience had to be reversed, as I had gained wisdom and experience. So, whatever is not in your life, consider three other solutions. Do not rush to get the first idea. Take time to explore it, such as ideas on paper or consult with friends and family. You may not take anything because sometimes doing nothing can be a blessing in disguise. I would encourage you to write your thoughts on a piece of paper, before committing to a particular path.

To improve our lot, we must not believe that life will do us any good. It requires a strong desire, in line with our core values ​​and to explore various options. Even then, we are not sure if we have made the right choice, because life is uncertain. Therefore, be curious about the process and see your decisions as interactive puzzle pieces. It requires patience, knowledge, and unselfishness. We need to keep our minds open and our hearts soft, so that life can bring us what we need at the right time.

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