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A Real Source of Self Esteem

The first step to gaining self-confidence is to recognize that you deserve to be treated with dignity. You have to believe that you deserve to be loved and accepted as you really are. If you do not feel good about yourself, no one else will. So, start thinking positively about yourself.


No matter where you are today it seems that the expression “self-esteem” is growing. When a person is successful in business and in life he is said to have “high self-esteem” and if he is not successful he is said to have low self-esteem, but is it that simple? WHAT exactly is self-esteem and why does it seem so important to so many people?

Defining Self Esteem

The process of defining self-esteem can be a deceptive business. First, when you listen to people talk it comes out as “something” and “experience.” In some cases, this concept seems to be linked to public expectations and common misconceptions.

A reduced sense of confidence would mean that the experience; especially that it is a way of seeing for oneself and analyzing one’s self-esteem.

More than just a simple feeling, a sense of self-confidence (or feeling of your own) encompasses the emotional, perceptual, and exploratory aspects that when combined build a person’s ability to cope with basic life challenges and whether they consider themselves worthy of happiness.

Societal Disconnect

Do you see the cut here? In today’s society people have been programmed to see themselves as successful (or unsuccessful) by judging by what they have or do not have in the way of jobs and possessions; what they have achieved (or have not achieved) in terms of financial success or social status, and this perception of success is tied directly to how one feels about oneself; about how they deal with it and whether they consider themselves worthy of happiness or not.

So how can a person’s self-esteem be separated from his or her expectations and common misconceptions that often meet the concept of self-confidence? Perhaps the answer lies in understanding the real source of self-confidence.

Finding the Source

The real source of self-confidence is not the attainment of or the attainment of a level of success that was previously anticipated or the attainment (or failure to attain) of a particular situation or even the acquisition or non-achievement, because identity cannot be defined by objects or circumstances. ; by positions or by force. Admittedly, we are in a position to believe that our worth may not be measured by what we have or what we do not have, but the real source of confidence, of feeling worthy of happiness, comes from our ability to see ourselves as human beings. and the ability to accept and respect ourselves as we really are.

Does that sound too easy? Maybe it does, and maybe it will leave you tying your eyebrows and asking “well, that’s fine, but how does one go about linking one’s self-esteem successfully or failing to see ourselves as worthy of respect and happiness?” That, my friends, is a real challenge, now that you know the real source of confidence, it is time to learn how to build that confidence so that you can see yourself as a person worthy of the respect and happiness that you belong to. because.


Acceptance means being prepared for who you are and what you have. It is about learning to love yourself enough to accept your mistakes and mistakes. If you can do this, you will feel better about yourself and others will respect you more.


Compassion is the ability to understand another person’s feelings without taking offense at others. If you can’t empathize with someone, you will never really know where you went. You may think you know exactly what they are dealing with, but until you walk into their shoes, you really can’t.

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