Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky is a well-known name in the world of entertainment and social media. She is the daughter of legendary Canadian ice hockey player Wayne Gretzky and a talented model, actress, and singer in her own right. Born on December 19, 1988, in Los Angeles, California, Paulina has managed to create a niche for herself in the entertainment industry. In this article, I will explain everything about Paulina Gretzky.

Paulina Gretzky

Early Life and Education

Paulina Gretzky was born to Wayne Gretzky and Janet Jones in Los Angeles, California. Her father is a former professional ice hockey player who is considered one of the greatest players in the history of the sport. Paulina has four siblings, three brothers, and a sister. Her brothers are named Ty, Trevor, and Tristan, while her sister is named Emma. Growing up, Paulina was exposed to the world of sports and entertainment, thanks to her father’s career and her mother’s acting career.

Paulina attended high school at Nightingale-Bamford School in New York City, where she excelled in academics and was an active participant in school sports. After high school, she went to a college in Florida to study psychology but eventually dropped out to pursue a career in entertainment.


Modeling Career

Paulina Gretzky started her modeling career at a young age, appearing in various magazines, including Flare and Golf Digest. She also modeled for the swimsuit brand “Calvin Klein” and was featured in several fashion shows. Her modeling career gained significant momentum in 2012 when she posed for the cover of “Golf Digest” alongside fellow model Holly Sonders. The cover received a lot of attention and catapulted Paulina into the limelight.

Acting Career

In addition to her modeling career, Paulina Gretzky has also dabbled in acting. She made her acting debut in the movie “Grown Ups 2” in 2013, where she played a minor role. She also appeared in the movie “Fame” in 2009 and the TV series “In God’s Time” in 2017. While her acting career has not taken off in a big way, it is clear that she has talent and potential in this field.

Music Career

Paulina Gretzky has also released music as a singer. She released her first single “Collecting Dust” in 2006, which received mixed reviews. She has since released several other singles, including “I Will Remember You,” “Greatest Love,” and “Rockstar.” Her music career has not gained significant attention, but it shows her versatility as an artist.

Social Media

Paulina Gretzky’s social media presence is undoubtedly one of the biggest reasons for her popularity. Her Instagram account, in particular, has over 1.1 million followers, and she regularly posts pictures and updates about her personal life and career. Her social media presence has helped her gain a massive following and has also helped her to promote her various projects.

Personal Life

Paulina Gretzky’s personal life has been the subject of much speculation and scrutiny. She has been in a long-term relationship with professional golfer Dustin Johnson since 2013, and the couple has two children together. They have been engaged twice but have not yet tied the knot. The couple has faced their fair share of controversies, including rumors of infidelity on both sides. However, they have managed to weather these storms and remain together.

Paulina is also known for her partying lifestyle, and her social media posts often feature her attending high-profile events and parties. She has faced criticism for her behavior, but

she has defended herself by stating that she is a young woman enjoying her life. Despite the controversies, Paulina remains a beloved figure in the entertainment industry, with many fans admiring her beauty, talent, and confidence.

Charity Work

Paulina Gretzky is also involved in various charitable causes. She has supported the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which is a leading pediatric research hospital. She has also been a part of the Wayne Gretzky Foundation, which raises funds for various charitable organizations. Paulina has been praised for her philanthropic work and for using her platform to make a positive impact on society.


Paulina Gretzky has carved out a successful career for herself in the entertainment industry, thanks to her talent, beauty, and hard work. Despite facing criticism and controversy, she has remained resilient and has continued to pursue her passions. Her social media presence has helped her to connect with her fans and promote her various projects. With her multifaceted career, Paulina Gretzky has established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of entertainment.

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