Masterminding Your Way to Success

“Great power can be gathered out of order without that of the masterminding” Napoleon Hill

In 1987, I joined my first intellectual team. If you do not know the word “mastermind”, it is a group of like-minded people who come together in a spirit of encouragement and support. describes Mastermind as “a small group you meet with the goal of strengthening growth and success while supporting each other; the identified group was then set aside to focus primarily on growth and success in the following areas: financial, spiritual, relationships, and even health. They achieve success by identifying goals, setting goals, setting achievable goals, and sharing resources. History has shown that many successful founders, scientists, and entrepreneurs/women were members of intellectuals.


Masterminding group

In my first group, I was introduced to powerful books and ideas that still affect my life today include: Think and Be Rich, The Magic of Great Thinking, and How to Win and Make Friends. My mind was widened, I could never go back to its original size. Since then I have been involved with several groups. I currently participate in three different groups. One who meets in person 1 1/2 hours each week; one meeting by telephone every week; and the third meet in person once a month throughout the day. Each team is completely different, and my goals are different from each other as well.

Masterminding smart way

The smart guy can be treated in a variety of ways – anything that works best for a team is fine. It is important to have a certain type of structure. Outside of the building, the mastermind could be a “coffee clutch” or a public event. The point of meeting with your intellectual team is to set and achieve certain goals in the group. It should be a safe, encouraging place where people are free to give and receive feedback. If someone is easily offended by sincere criticism, they are probably not good enough. The team’s goal is, to be honest with the team. Members should be aware that what they share during the session will remain in the group. Members should also feel that the response they receive is from the heart and is given to their benefit. Of course, the person receiving counsel may also be able to choose whether he will apply for it or not. View your group as a forum for brainstorming and action.

Masterminding teamwork

To form a team of experts, select members of different levels of expertise and work. If you are very smart or very rich in a team, it is probably not the right team, unless you are there to take on the role of mentor. Look for people who have achieved the level of success you want. This helps you to learn from the experiences (and mistakes) of others, helping you to progress at a much faster rate.

The main mind

How do you join an already established think tank? Ask. Some groups have been around for a long time and because of the relationships built they are not open to welcoming new members. Do not take it for yourself; you will want that kind of commitment to your team. If you can find it already presented, find a few people with the same goals and set a time to meet consistently. Make sure it is set up so that everyone gets what they need in the group.

You can actually feel it when the minds of the people in your group align and become “the main mind.” You will find that if you associate with people who encourage you to “look for it” when it comes to your dreams and aspirations, you will reach the pinnacle of your professional career faster than you thought.

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