Magazines That Pay You For Writing Articles,

Magazines That Pay You $ 500 For Writing,

How good are your writing skills? Do you want to make money by writing?

The following is a list of seven printed and digital magazines that cost up to $ 500 per article, sometimes more, sometimes less. Some payment information is found in payment reports; some are clearly available by the publisher on the pages of the distribution guide. Remember that you may still need to negotiate a payment rate.

1-MEL is a men’s website created by Dollar Shave Club. They include “gender, relationships, health, money, and culture from a male perspective even though we are not all men (and we are not always sure what that means).” Payment reports show prices of between 30 and 50 cents per name. Or it seems that the email address of the editing assistant is the only one listed. Foot at the door, at least.

2-NEW Food Economy is a non-profit website. They are interested in “new business and financial models, food security, nutrition, economics, policy and a large open space for food supply: everything that happens between the farm and the fork.” One payment report shows an estimated $ 500 for a feature article. To learn more, read their shipping guidelines.

3-RACKED includes shopping, with a particular interest in “political and fashion crossroads and beauty.” They also pay for personal articles. Reports indicate that they paid more than $ 500 for the featured articles. To learn more, read their donor guidelines.

4-YAM Magazine is a regional magazine covering major Victoria, B.C. place. They pay 40 cents per word for features between 1,200 and 3,000 words. To learn more, read their shipping guidelines. This is just the kind of local magazine that most writers build their work on – to learn more about getting into this type of publication, I recommend searching for How to Become a Private Home Journalist.

5-BOYS’ Life is a monthly magazine published by the Boy Scouts of America. Articles should be interesting and entertaining for boys aged 6-17. They cover a wide range of non-fiction, from technical sports to American history. Parts of the department include environment, aviation, health, pets, history, and music. Myth is the only distribution; don’t ask. Question by post incorrectly. A number of words: 500-1,500 in big non-fiction stories; up to 600 departments. Pay: $ 500-1,500 for large non-fiction stories; $ 100-600 for doors.

6-WHAT is a professional magazine that discusses business and industry? With 675% private writing, the publication is always looking for articles on industry statistics, styles, issues, and more. They receive both unsolicited queries and manuscripts by mail. According to the previous version of their shipping guidelines, they pay $ 250 to $ 800, depending on the difficulty and experience. To learn more, read their delivery guidelines.

7-SMART Travel publishes slideshows and features long stories on a wide variety of consumer travel topics, including booking strategies, savings, fraud prevention, packaging tips, best places to go, travel technology, travel styles, and travel tips representing all types of travelers and information. to travel. ” They pay $ 500 for long-form articles and $ 100 to $ 250 for short posts. To learn more, read their shipping guidelines.

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